Welcome to The White Armory!

Welcome to The White Armory

Greetings m'Lords and m'Ladies! Would'st thou happen upon our main website and take a gander amongst its treasures. We would be thus honoured and most gratified to hear from thee. The path doth be safe and free from peril. Take thy fastest steed by this route: www.whitearmory.com. Fair winds! DMCA.com


Soon to be released! NEW Fitmesh Dress and Heels Set!

Releasing soon at The White Armory the first of a sassy collection called, “Gurlz Got It Goin’ On!”  This set will include standard as well as fitmesh and a matching pair of SLINK HIGH feet heels. This is a classy set you will love!  Watch for the notices! :-)


Gurlz Got It Goin' On Dress Set-Promo Art

Dark Velvet Raven Separates are in!

Release of the Dark Velvet Raven separates is here at last. Eighteen pieces in all, and I also included fatpacks and demos with this release. Each piece including studded top, corset jacket, and belt/no belt pants has 6 colors to choose from. The possibilities are endless!  Get one or get them all!  All vendors are scripted for gifting as well!  Happy Holidays!!

Dark Velvet Raven Set-Jacket-Promo Art-BLACK Dark Velvet Raven Set-Pants-RED-Promo Art Dark Velvet Raven Set-Studded Top-PURPLE-Promo Art Dark Velvet Raven Set-Jacket-Promo Art-BLUEDark Velvet Raven Set-Jacket-Promo Art-GREENDark Velvet Raven Set-Pants-FUCHSIA-Promo Art

Soon to be released! Dark Velvet Raven Separates!

I am hoping for a Wednesday release of this new set. The Dark Velvet Raven Set. Each piece will be sold separately and each comes in 6 wonderful colors. Watch for the notices! :-D

Dark Velvet Raven Set-Promo Art

NEW Goddess of Silva Mesh Set-JOY!

Stunning new 2 piece set with a matching belt. Turquoise silk adorned with shimmering ‘scales’ give this set a power female look! Top has a high neck and feminine asymmetrical hem, skirt has two thigh high openings to show off them gams! Wear them together or separate. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald/86/114/27

Goddess of Silva Gown Set-Joy-Promo Art

NEW-TWA Official Holiday Gowns for 2014!

It’s here!  Just released, The White Armory Official Holiday Gown for 2014! I did something a bit different this year and have released this in two separate colors! Silver and Crimson. Both are stunning, elegant gowns that include mesh gown, mesh opera gloves, snow flake belt and matching faux fur lined cloak! Happy Holidays from TWA! ♥ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald/86/114/27

TWA Official Holiday Gown 2014-Crimson-Promo Art TWA Official Holiday Gown 2014-Silver-Promo Art

NEW Spellcaster Gown Set! Tales of Fantasy Event!

The Tales of Fantasy event begins in just a few days! The White Armory offers this Gothic inspired set in 5 colors. Pieces can be worn separate, a demo and fatpack are also available! Previews below! ♥♥ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/One/205/203/3459

Spellcaster Gown Set-Aqualescent-Promo Art Spellcaster Gown Set-Conjure-Promo Art Spellcaster Gown Set-Crimson-Promo Art Spellcaster Gown Set-Midnight-Promo Art Spellcaster Gown Set-Violet-Promo Art


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