Welcome to The White Armory!

Welcome to The White Armory

Greetings m'Lords and m'Ladies! Would'st thou happen upon our main website and take a gander amongst its treasures. We would be thus honoured and most gratified to hear from thee. The path doth be safe and free from peril. Take thy fastest steed by this route: www.whitearmory.com. Fair winds! DMCA.com


Elornia Beliata Gown-Immersed

Promo art for new gown-available now at TWA main store only. ♥

Elornia Beliata Gown-Immersed

NEW Release: Elornia Beliata Gown Set-Pearl

Just released at the main store, the Elornia Beliata Gown Set. Gorgeous full empire mesh dress with flexi attachments for movement. Hand painted textures and separate sleeves. Great for roleplay or as a formal gown. Have fun! ♥♥ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald/143/144/82

Elornia Beliata Gown Set-Pearl_Promotional Art

The Lady Amalthea Gown Collection-Enchantment Event

I just finished the collection for February’s Enchantment event-The Last Unicorn. This was a tough one since there is really only one gown worn, and that is by the Lady Amalthea, whom has been transformed into a maiden from a Unicorn. The original color in the film was lavender, so I started with that. There are 6 colors in all and I took creative liberty with the design. :-D Bloggers, I will send the set soon! ♥♥


Lady Amalthea Gown Set-Aqua_Promotional Art Lady Amalthea Gown Set-Black_Promotional Art Lady Amalthea Gown Set-Blue_Promotional Art Lady Amalthea Gown Set-Lavender_Promotional Art Lady Amalthea Gown Set-Mint_Promotional Art Lady Amalthea Gown Set-Pink_Promotional Art

NEW Guardians of Elchrist Dress Collection

Just released at the main store, The Guardians of Elchrist Dress Collection. 5 gorgeous colors. Belted tunic, modesty and leggings appliers for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. System layers also included. Fatpack and DEMO also available. Here’s your carriage! ♥♥ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald/79/97/28

Guardians of the Elchrist Dress Set-Earth_Promotional Art Guardians of the Elchrist Dress Set-Fire_Promotional Art Guardians of the Elchrist Dress Set-Stone_Promotional Art Guardians of the Elchrist Dress Set-Water_Promotional Art Guardians of the Elchrist Dress Set-Wind_Promotional Art

The Tree of Life Dress Set-We ♥ Role Play

For February’s We ♥ Role Play round, The White Armory will offer exclusively The Tree of Life Dress Collection. 4 colors for the seasons. Fatpack and DEMO will be available and at a discounted price for the run of the round. Watch for the announcements! ♥♥

The Tree of Life Dress Set-Autumn_Promotional Art The Tree of Life Dress Set-Spring_Promotional Art The Tree of Life Dress Set-Summer_Promotional Art The Tree of Life Dress Set-Winter_Promotional Art

A Special Notice From TWA

Dearest TWA Family,

As most of you know, Colton and I created The White Armory 8 years ago as a little shop on a tiny
portion of land here on Emerald. Gradually, we expanded, a piece at a time and ended up with the full sim
that we have today. Emerald has always been our home and The White Armory has always been here.

Our purpose was to combine our passion for medieval history and the creative aspects that Second Life
allows to create weaponry and role play clothing that was not only affordable, but of the best quality

Our philosophy is to give Second Life users the items needed to create their own world and personality.
We began our weekly gift giveaways in 2007, and have done so every Sunday since. Our sim is
open to all ages. So even new users have been able to outfit themselves handsomely, with little
or no Lindens.

Colton and I are not just Second Life business partners, we are married in RL as well. Both of us have
spent literally thousands of hours perfecting our craft and bringing our best into The White Armory in
hopes of enriching your own experiences here.

In mid 2012, we began to experience a down trend in sales. This was partly due to a recession in the USA.
And partly due to a growing number of creators in Second Life.

The Second Life economy became saturated and forced many creators to start pricing their work lower to
correspond with the demand for cheaper quality items. Those who were not able to match that demand were no
longer able to pay their rental costs, or tier payments. We saw many large, and well loved brands
close their inworld stores in favor of the Marketplace.

Beginning in 2013, the grid saw a new trend. The bi-monthly or monthly gacha/fantasy event. These have
become very popular and are now a primary outlet for non-store creators to sell their wares at very
little to no overhead cost. However, it has also diverted valuable traffic and business from
established SL store owners, such as The White Armory.

As these trends continue, we are experiencing lower and lower sales volume. Each month is lower
than the previous one. Since we own a full sim, our monthly tier is $300 US dollars. We must make
at least that amount to keep our doors open. But more importantly, if we are working to just pay our
tier, then our motivation for having a business in Second Life is moot. A business in any world is
designed to be a job that makes a profit.

Colton and I originally wanted to expand our designs to RL. As time has progressed, the economy has taken
its toll and that dream is no longer viable. Each month has become a financial struggle for us.
The stress of spending untold hours designing apparel for mere pennies is disheartening
and hard to maintain. Colton has a RL job. And I am trying to supplement our income from other
sources in RL. Which takes valuable time away from The White Armory.

But we have RL bills. A lot of them.

We have always tried to be honest and give back to our customers. You are our family. We have made many
great friends here and each one of you is very dear to us. So I will tell you that Colton and I will
hold on as long as we can. I cannot promise, unless something drastically changes, that we will be here indefinitely.
We need a roof over our heads and food to eat in RL. And those things are primary.

I will tell you, however, that if things do not change and if we do not see a marked and consistent
improvement in our sales, we will have no other option than to close our doors.

We just wanted you all to be aware of our situation. We so appreciate your support over the years,
and we sincerely hope to be here for many more.

Love and hugs.
♥♥ Colton and Bee ♥♥

New Beginnings Ballgown-Night!

Just released!-New Beginnings Ballgown Set. Beautiful floral motif on ombre deep sapphire and cream. Full bell skirt cinched at waist by a black satin band. Black formal opera gloves included! DEMO available in store. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald/130/95/2110

New Beginnings Gown Set-Night_Promotional Art


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